Mobile deathmatch: Apple iOS 5 vs. Google Android OS

How Google's tablet 'Honeycomb' and smartphone 'Gingerbread' OSes fare in the battle with iOS 5 on the iPad and iPhone

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The overall winner is ...
There's no question which is the better mobile OS: iOS 5 beats both Android "Honeycomb" and "Gingerbread" in almost every category. iOS 5 has significantly widened the lead in several areas, including applications, Web and Internet, and user interface.

Nevertheless, Android "Honeycomb" offers a strong core platform that's good enough for most users. Its decent security capabilities also give it a meaningful shot in many businesses. It's clear that Google has given the smartphone version of Android the short end of the stick in the last year, as it has focused on the tablet version. "Gingerbread" is essentially the same as the year-old "Froyo," an OS that is not in tune with the market needs or competition.

With Google unifying the tablet and smartphone versions of Android later this year, it has a chance to rectify that neglect -- and perhaps give iOS 5 a new run for its money.

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