Updated BlackBerry lineup debuts: Thinner, faster, touchier

The Bold gets a touchscreen, and the Torch picks up one model with a large screen

Research in Motion announced today its revamped BlackBerry lineup, which brings faster processors and thinner designs to its BlackBerry Bold and Torch series. Both devices are now thinner, but the biggest change is to the Bold, which now has a touchscreen in addition to its physical keyboard. As with the original Torch released a year ago, users can use both the physical and onscreen keyboards. RIM expects the new models to be available by September.

The new BlackBerry models also have an updated version of the BlackBerry OS. Originally given the 6.1 version number, it is now numbered 7. But the new capabilties are the same as promised for 6.1: voice-activated search, an improved touch UI, and faster Web browsing.

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The Torch will come in two models, one with the 3.2-inch display of the original Torch and one with a 3.7-inch display. The Bold's screen is 2.8 inches. For comparison, an iPhone 4's screen measures 3.5 inches.

BlackBerry OS 7 will not be available to previous models as a software upgrade.

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