You will friend a tall, hot stranger on Facebook

Then you will get arrested -- or worse. Face it: You probably didn't get that invite for being charming and irresistible

Here's one of those only-on-the-Interwebs stories that I love.

Last month, Indiana mom Angela Voelkert decided to prove what kind of sleazeball her ex-husband was, so she created a fake Facebook profile and befriended him. Through the magic of Facebook, the 29-year-old housefrau became 17-year-old "Jessica Studebaker," complete with an appropriately slatternish profile photo. She then sent a friend request to her 38-year-old ex, David. He accepted.

[ If it makes you feel any better, modern technology has also ensnared the famous and powerful, as Cringely reports in "This week in tech fiascos: The Weiner and Palin edition." | Stay up to date on all Robert X. Cringely's observations with InfoWorld's Notes from the Underground newsletter and follow Cringely on Twitter. ]

Before long, David and Jessica are chatting like old friends. He tells her he's secretly planted a GPS device on his ex-wife's car so that he can track her movements. He suggests that Jessica run off with him, but first she should find someone at her school "who will put a cap in [his wife's] a** for $10,000."

That was all Angela needed. She immediately called the feds and had her ex arrested for plotting her murder. Husband David then produces a notarized affidavit saying he knew "Jessica" was really Angela all along and he was just gaslighting her to prove what a manipulative nutmonkey she was.

Feds release husband Voelkert. Now the sleazeball and the nutmonkey are lapping up the last of their 15 minutes of fame -- and, I'm guessing, fielding offers from Hollywood for the rights to their story.

First thought: How did these two ever hook up?

Second thought: Why did they ever split up? They're perfect for each other.

Final thought: If you ever needed a cautionary tale about the right and wrong ways to use Facebook, this one will do nicely.

At the same time this story was unfolding, BlogAds blogger Henry Copeland was detailing the saga of the sexy-yet-fictional Nicole Bally, who managed to set up a fake Facebook page and befriend nearly 700 major media people -- including such notables as Arianna Huffington, Vint Cerf, Steve Case, and the founders of Mashable, YouTube, and Wikipedia, among others. (And no, I was not among them. I actually tried to friend her, but she never responded, the bee-yotch.)

It turns out Nicole Bally was using the photo for abs-of-titanium fitness goddess Nicole Carroll. After Copeland's post, Facebook took down the fake Nicole's page. Another fake hottie page Copeland wrote about, one Celia Richards (though the photo is of reality TV's Kristin Cavallari), is still up as I write this. (She at least had the good taste to say yes to my friendship request.)

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