Eclipse Foundation sees growing developer interest for cloud, mobile

Survey from open source tools group gauges application development trends

Developers and others in the Eclipse community are increasingly relying on cloud application deployments and are trending toward mobile applications, according to a survey conducted in April by the Eclipse Foundation.

The foundation's findings were covered in a report being released on Friday, entitled "The Open Source Developer Report" for June 2011. Findings pertaining to mobile and cloud development are unsurprising, with these trends picking up steam in the overall IT realm. "More and more people are deploying or planning to deploy applications to a cloud infrastructure. In 2011, 36 percent have plans compared to 29.5 percent in 2010. The fastest growing platform appears to be private cloud infrastructure, growing from 16.2 percent (2010) to 23.1 percent [in 2011]," the foundation noted in its report.

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The report found that mobile applications are becoming important to the Eclipse community: "Sixty percent have already developed or plan to develop mobile applications, 35 percent have already deployed an application to an external customers and/or an internal user. Android is the most popular platform (85.3 percent) followed by Apple iOS (66.3 percent)."

Results in the survey are based on responses from 624 persons worldwide, with 54.6 percent of respondents identifying themselves as programmers, 14.9 percent as system architects, and 8.3 percent as development managers. Java was the preferred programming language of respondents, with 75.7 percent using it. C/C++ followed, with 9.2 percent. PHP was cited by 4.8 percent of respondents.

Windows usage by developers increased, countered by a bit of a drop-off in Linux. "For the first time since beginning the survey, we saw an increase in the number of developers choosing Windows as their preferred operating system for development," according to a section in the report pertaining to the developer desktop.

Eclipse has conducted the survey for four years. In 2011, 63 percent of developers indicated using Windows, compared to 58.3 percent last year. Linux usage dropped from 32.7 percent last year to 28 percent this year; Eclipse said the change could be due to fewer students and PHP developers responding to the survey this time. Linux remains the most popular deployment environment, with 41.8 percent citing it, followed by Windows at 40.7 percent.

In other results, Eclipse found the Hudson/Jenkins continuous integration servers and Git/Github version control and repository systems gaining popularity: "Usage of Git/GitHub has grown from 6.8 percent (2010) to 12.8 percent (2011) and Hudson/Jenkins from 21.8 percent (2010) to 30.8 percent (2011)."

Also, more than two-thirds of respondents spend 17-plus hours a week writing code, testing, and debugging. Twenty-one percent spend 33 to 40 hours performing these tasks. More than 44 percent of respondents work in the high-tech industry, followed by professional services (9.5 percent) and financial services (7.9 percent).

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