A problem with the cloud you never considered

Oversharing is already epidemic. But with iCloud, sharing by default could ruin everything

Scene 1: A crowded Apple Store. Dave and Laura, a young husband and wife, are looking at the new iPhone 4S and talking about iCloud.

Dave: See, honey? If we both get these and get iCloud, then we can save all our pictures to the cloud and look at them on any of our Apple devices, like your iPad.

Laura: Really? That's cool. What about when we buy music, books, apps, and stuff like that?

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Dave: Those too. See, if everything's stored in the iCloud, then we can get to that stuff anywhere, it's not stuck on our phones until we sync. Also, it's automatically backed up, so even if our phone or iPad breaks, we still have our pictures and stuff.

Laura: Wow, that's really cool. Let's do it. Let's get one for each of us!


Scene 2: The interior of a nursery during the day with a crib, a colorful mobile, and balloon-themed wallpaper. Dave and Laura are looking into the crib at their six-month-old daughter Samantha.

Dave: (baby talk) She's just the cutest little thing! Yes she is! (tickles Samantha's chin)

Laura: Hey, let's test out this iCloud thing. Take a picture of her with your phone.

Dave: Sure. (pulls out iPhone 4S and takes two pictures of Samantha)

Laura: (looking at her phone) There they are in my Photo Stream! This is awesome!

Samantha coos and giggles.


Scene 3: The interior of Dave and Laura's living room at night. Dave is sitting in a recliner with his iPhone 4S; Laura is lying on a couch with her iPad.

Dave: (tapping his iPhone vigorously) I just bought a new app, you should see it on your iPad.

Laura: (looking at iPad, hits a button) Yep, it just showed up. Is iFart what I think it is?

Dave's iPhone emits a horrible noise of flatulence. He laughs like an adolescent boy. Laura shakes her head, but smiling, throws a pillow at Dave.


Scene 4: The backroom of a seedy bar at night. A blowout bachelor party is under way, with a general hubbub of drunken voices and half-empty bottles of vodka and gin strewn on the tables. Several men loudly toast the groom, who is clearly drunk. Dave is among them and raises his glass unsteadily. Suddenly, two women, obviously party strippers, walk through the curtain. The men roar in approval. One of the revelers, Mark, approaches Dave.

Mark: (gesturing wildly) Dude, check it out!

Dave: Yeah man! Right on! (Dave takes a long pull of his whiskey, then stands up and starts dancing with the strippers)

Mark: Hey, where's your phone?

Dave: (Dave points haphazardly at the table while dancing) Over there.

Mark: (looking soused and confused as he hits some buttons on the screen.) Huh, wait. No, yeah, OK, cool!

Mark begins taking pictures of the strippers and the party with Dave's iPhone 4S. The room fills with hoots and hollers as the strippers get them going. We see Dave featured in most of the pictures.


Scene 5: The interior of Dave and Laura's living room that same night. Laura is sitting on the couch with her best friends Katie and Erica. They sip wine as they chat.

Laura: We really do have the cutest baby. She's amazing.

Katie: (gushing) Oh, I know, she's a little butterbean!

Erica: I know!

Laura: You have to see some of the new pictures we took. (Laura reaches for her iPad and Katie moves closer to see the iPad)

Katie: (excitedly) I'd love to!

Erica: (claps happily) Yay!

Laura: (smiles, then opens the photo application on her iPad and browses pictures of Samantha) These new iPhones with iCloud let us share pictures with each other too. Check it out!

Laura: (Laura clicks the Photo Stream button; two sets of images appear) That's odd, those are the pics of Samantha, but what are these?

Laura opens the other set of pics, and we see scenes from the bachelor party, with Dave and the strippers front and center. All three share a look of horror.

Laura: These ... these are pictures from John's bachelor party. Dave is there right now.

Laura drops the iPad and runs out of the room.


Scene 6: Meanwhile, back at the bar, the bachelor party is in full swing. Mark is yelling over the noise of the crowd to Dave.

Mark: What a blast, right?

Dave: (dancing with one of the strippers) Yeah! WOO HOO!


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