7 great Office 2010 add-ins

Make Microsoft Office even more capable by using these plug-in tools

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iSpring Pro for PowerPoint 2010: This tool converts your PowerPoint presentation into a Flash presentation (.swf format). It can take animations, transitions, audio, and video and convert the whole shebang into a smaller deliverable than the original PowerPoint document.

Gist for Outlook 2010: Gist is a great add-on tool for helping you get the scoop (or the gist, thus the name) on any contact you have in Outlook. Gist helps you keep track of your contacts across all your inboxes and social networks from one place. The result in Outlook is that your contacts get dynamic profiles, with news about the person and anything they have tweeted or blogged about.

Canvas for OneNote 2010: This tool from Microsoft Office Labs allows you to see a high-level canvas view of all of your OneNote content. You can zoom, pan, and "fly" around your content to find what you are looking for so that you can find and add information easily.

Beyond these seven add-ins are dozens more you may be interested in. The PowerToys list for OneNote is a good place to explore such additional tools.

What add-ins (or add-ons) do you prefer to work with? Which ones can you not work without? Let your fellow readers know what you use.

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