Top 10 ultraportable laptops

With screen sizes under 14 inches and weight under 4 pounds, ultraportable laptops strike an appealing balance between portability and performance

The prices on these systems stretch from under $500 to $2,500, which tells you there are plenty of choices here. The common denominator is small size and light weight. Otherwise, the usual tradeoffs apply. Be on the alert for lousy ergonomics, poor build quality, short battery life, and mediocre multimedia. If you're willing to spend, you can have a beefy little machine with plenty of RAM, discrete graphics, gaming power, and decent battery life. For users who want it all, the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 and Sony Vaio SB Series are the first places to look. 

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Asus U31JG

Asus U36JC B1

HP EliteBook 2560p

HP Pavilion dm1z

Lenovo IdeaPad U260

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Lenovo ThinkPad X220

Samsung Series 3 (NP350)

Samsung Series 9


Asus U31JG
Asus U31JG Review, by Alex Wawro April 12, 2011

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