Microsoft smoked in Microsoft 'Smoked by Windows Phone' contest

Up against a tech blogger and his Android smartphone, Microsoft's latest marketing gimmick blew up in its face

Remember "Show us your Wow"? Remember "It's time for a phone to save us from our phones"? Remember the Bill Gates butt wiggle?

All of these marketing gimmicks were foisted upon the world by the geniuses at 1 Microsoft Way. By "geniuses" I mean able to walk and chew gum at the same time, depending on the flavor of the gum, but I'd recommend giving them a wide berth just in case they're carrying something sharp.

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Well, they've done it again. Microsoft's latest brilliant idea is the "Smoked by Windows Phone" contest, which launched last Thursday and runs for one week. It's yet another attempt to say, "Our smartphones are faster at doing basic stuff than your iPhone 4x/Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich'/whatever, even if we control only 0.0327 percent of the market."

To prove it, they set up five challenges. Per Microsoft:

The object of this Contest is for You to come into the Microsoft Store and try to beat the Microsoft Windows Phone in a series of five (5) "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge scenarios selected by Microsoft at its sole discretion including: (1) Pocket-to-Picture-to-Post, (2) Real-Time Information with Live Tiles, (3) Using the People Hub to Stay in Touch with the People You Care About Most, (4) Updating Your Status Across Multiple Social Networks, and (5) Local Scout ("Challenge").

Winners get to walk away with a free HP "Hunger Games" laptop worth more than $1,000. Losers get to trade in their existing smartphone for a new Windows model, then go home and ponder what kind of pathetic dweeb would consider entering this contest in the first place.

However, it didn't take long for Microsoft itself to get smoked. As SlashGears' Chris Davies reports, yesterday blogger Sahas Katta visited a Microsoft store in Santa Clara, got in line, and took challenge no. 2: displaying real-time information (in this case, bringing up the weather forecast for two different cities) on his Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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