CopperEgg updates real-time monitoring for server processes

RevealCloud 3 adds system process monitoring and support for large server deployments across public and private clouds

If you're interested in real-time monitoring of your server processes and seeing the overall condition of your Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X servers from a single console, you might want to take a look at the latest SaaS offering from CopperEgg, which just announced the updated version of RevealCloud 3.

CopperEgg's RevealCloud software leverages rapid deployment; a highly distributed data collection model; the extreme speed and scalability of a NoSQL schema-free database; and real-time visualization with click-through analytics to provide a modern, purpose-built cloud monitoring solution. The company says it differentiates itself from legacy performance monitoring tools that conduct polling and performance updates every 1 to 5 minutes, thereby missing valuable data in the process. Instead, RevealCloud records, analyzes, and delivers updates of critical operating and performance metrics every few seconds, and it does so across many cloud instances at the same time.

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RevealCloud is a SaaS-based server monitoring service that provides a detailed, unified view of all the servers running across both public and private clouds operating on either virtual or physical environments.

With RevealCloud 3, real-time data is displayed for all system processes, CPUs, network interfaces, memory, disk I/O, and more. CopperEgg also claims support for a wide breadth of cloud environments, including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Windows Azure, and SoftLayer, to name a few. Additionally, it offers server monitoring for Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD operating systems.

With the latest release of RevealCloud, CopperEgg delivers a number of new features, such as support for thousands of simultaneous nodes across any deployment model, an enhanced at-a-glance user interface, additional disk I/O information, and detailed breakdowns of I/O usage per disk, CPU usage, and individual network interface activity.

Perhaps the most important new feature found in RevealCloud 3 is the support for real-time process monitoring. This key feature had been in high demand with existing customers and could be the game changer for CopperEgg. This feature was best described by the company's COO, Eric Anderson, who dubbed the historical process view as "top on steroids."

CopperEgg RevealCloud v3
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