Yahoo open-sourcing Mojito JavaScript framework

With Mojito leveraging Node.js platform, developers get client- and server-side app deployments for devices

Yahoo is releasing via open source Monday its Mojito JavaScript Web framework, which supports HTML5 application deployments on both connected devices and back-end servers.

Mojito, which is part of the Cocktails mobile development platform unveiled by Yahoo in November, uses native Web technology and leverages the Node.js platform for running JavaScript on servers. Data can be rendered on both the client or server.

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"With Mojito, you write your code, and 95 percent of your code runs equally on the client and server," with just 5 percent of code needing to be adapted to run on the client, said Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, chief architect in the platform technology group at Yahoo. With Mojito, whenever JavaScript is not enabled in the browser, applications will still run on the server side, via a single code base.

By open-sourcing Mojito, which is an MVC (Model View Controller) framework, Yahoo hopes to build a community of developers and promote adoption. Mojito will be offered under a BSD license and hosted on GitHub. Applications already have been developed with Mojito, such as Yahoo's Livestand, a magazine reader application for the iPad, and the Fantasy Premier League Football game application. Through open-sourcing, Yahoo also wants to develop better standards for high-performance Web applications and mitigate partial connectivity issues.

Also as part of the Cocktails platform, Yahoo has launched Manhattan, a server-side JavaScript hosting environment connecting different screen experiences, such as Web, mobile, and tablet, to one code base. Yahoo on Monday will begin evaluating Manhattan with a closed group of developers. Manhattan globally distributes application content across popular devices, including those without full HTML5/CSS3 support or in nonoptimal network conditions. Personalized content can be delivered to connected devices.

Developers invited to participate will be those attending the JSConf conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., which is where Yahoo also will formally unveil the open-sourcing of Mojito.

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