The latest fanboy obsession is ... Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft appears to have a hit mobile OS on its hands, according to Cringely's readers

Every month or so, I dip into the reader mailbag and quote from some of my favorite fan and/or hate mail. Lately my inbox has been overflowing with notes about Windows Phone 7.5.

I'm completely blown away by the response to my recent post about my HTC Radar 4G Windows "Mango" phone -- otherwise known as the geeky version of that old Life cereal commercial: "Let's get Cringely to try it, he hates everything. He likes it! Hey Cringely!"

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My mail was so overwhelmingly pro Windows 7 -- with no carping whatsoever from the Apple fanboy contingent -- I began to wonder if this wasn't a fiendishly clever astroturf campaign emanating from Redmond. Then I thought: Microsoft? Fiendishly clever? Not in my lifetime. But I was wrong about the phone, too, so who knows?

Take, for example, this note from longtime reader J.N., who says he's been around the block with Android, BlackBerry, the iPhone, and yes, Windows Mobile:

Android is neat, and I run a Nook and used the Motorola Atrix. I feel like it's only half-baked ... iOS is great and the app list is fantastic, but you are paying a premium for the hardware and you are very badly locked in to the cult of Apple... [But when] I got a Samsung Focus for $.01 ... my love for iPhone died.

I've been using Windows Phone 7 since May. It is, quite simply, the easiest and most robust device on the market. My wife even has one and loves it despite a loathing of smartphones in general. Her quote: "It just works and I don't have to fiddle with it."

Or Cringester K. J. M, who writes:

I've been one of those that had a love/hate relationship with Windows Mobile and I thought for certain I would hate Windows Phone because the ecosystem is so locked. I was dead wrong. It only took me about 3 minutes to figure out that I was hopelessly in love with the new OS. [Cue] sappy music, yada yada yada

Or this note from P. W.:

Windows Phone 7 is a completely competitive smartphone OS for all but the most technophile trendy snots. For example, my son recently wasted big bucks buying a top-of-the-line iPhone 4S off contract because he fell in love with Siri, which he now says he never actually uses. Go figure.

I could go on, but I won't. I got a dozen more letters just like them. Add the 50 or so pro-WinPho7 comments to my original post, and we're looking at a landslide. I feel like I should be collecting a check from Microsoft for the uncharacteristically warm fuzziness flowing from this blog. (Cash and money orders also cheerfully accepted.) At the very least, I think I smell a "we switched from iPhone and never looked back" ad campaign cooking up in Redmond.

When readers weren't kvelling about their Windows phones they were busy arguing about other topics bouncing around Cringeville. Here are a few choice nuggets.

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