Top 10 performance desktop PCs

Intel's Sandy Bridge processors are still the popular kids on the block, but the new Sandy Bridge Extreme Edition has arrived, to take top honors on our Performance PC benchmarks

"Desktop PCs" is way too tame a descriptor for these outrageous systems, which combine benchmark-crushing performance with state-of-the-art entertainment features. Naturally, components like Intel's fastest, overclocked processors, twin graphics cards, solid state drives, and liquid cooling also kick the price tag into a new gear. But when you're sitting in front of one of these PCs, you'll swear that you're moving.   

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AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC

Digital Storm Enix

Digital Storm ODE

Digital Storm Special|Ops Dreadnought

iBuyPower Gamer Paladin HS11

Micro Express MicroFlex 79B

Polywell Poly X5800A3-990X

Primordial Computers Satyr

V3 Convoy

WarFactory Sentinel

AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC
AVADirect X79 Silent Gaming PC Review, by Alex Cocilova November 23, 2011


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