This Internet blackout has been brought to you by the U.S. Congress

Parts of the Web will go dark tomorrow to protest SOPA and PIPA, legislation that will do little to thwart piracy but could make your favorite websites disappear

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Ohio Republican John Boehner is the lottery winner here, pulling in nearly $1.5 million from SOPA supporters vs. just $80,000 from its opponents. Lead dog on the Dem's gravy train is Iowa's Bruce Braley with just over $900,000 in pro-SOPA money (and just $27,000 anti).

Responding to mounting pressure from the Internet, the White House finally weighed in, saying it likes some parts of these laws but not others. To wit:

Our analysis of the DNS filtering provisions in some proposed legislation suggests that they pose a real risk to cybersecurity and yet leave contraband goods and services accessible online. We must avoid legislation that drives users to dangerous, unreliable DNS servers and puts next-generation security policies, such as the deployment of DNSSEC, at risk.

Media megabillionaire and phone tapper to the stars Rupert Murdoch felt compelled to respond via his new Twitter account: "So Obama has thrown in his lot with Silicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery."

(Remember, this is the same guy who bought the world's largest social network for nearly $600 million and turned it into a punch line. Six years later, he dumped it for $35 million and a box of crullers. He's not exactly the go-to guy for advice about the InterWebs.)

Unlike Rupes (and all of his news outlets), most thinking bipeds understand that life isn't a binary proposition. You can oppose Internet piracy and oppose these badly written laws.

At the moment, SOPA and PIPA have been sent back to the shop for tweaking; most likely some or all of the DNS blocking provisions may be removed. But those who are crowing about how "the Internet won" are celebrating too soon. Make no mistake, we're going to get some kind of pro-copyright/anti-piracy law out of this Congress. Let us hope and pray it's not as brain-dead as most of the technology legislation our government has passed.

Where do you stand on SOPA/PIPA? Post your thoughts below or email me:

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