Pyxis Mobile becomes Verivo Software, broadens scope

Enterprise mobility provider is expanding its focus to include deployment and management of mobile apps

Pyxis Mobile is changing its name to Verivo Software in an effort to reflect the company's evolving mission in the mobile computing space.

Previously offering mobile applications for financial services, the company has been in the process of expanding its scope into the deployment and management of applications with its enterprise mobility platform, Verivo Platform, said Steve Levy, Verivo CEO. "We're taking the final steps in a transformation of the business that we've been doing for a while," said Levy.

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"Our whole business is around helping people go from an idea in mobility to making a difference in their business as quickly and easily as possible," he said. The company's mission now spans from designing and building applications to deploying to multiple devices, keeping applications up and running, and managing day-to-day activities. Verivo is focusing on providing a management console and expanding development capabilities. CSS and HTML5 will be used to extend its platform, and deliveries of new capabilities are planned within the next 18 months.

Verivo is reaching out to new partners, hiring more people, accelerating product devolopment, and expanding in Europe and Asia this year. "It's really trying to go after a much bigger footprint of business," said Levy. The company's transformation actually has been going on for about 15 months. The company has raised $17 million in capital funding in its expansion efforts.

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