VMware reinforces virtualization, cloud strategy with Log Insight acquisition

Log analytics product aimed at management and real-time operational analysis for IT data regardless of scale

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These types of analytics are important to get a true end-to-end view of the environment. With it, VMware can fill an obvious hole in today's vCenter Operations Management suite if it chooses to do so.

According to Sanjay Castelino, vice president and market leader at SolarWinds, "What makes this acquisition interesting is the tacit acknowledgement that management can't be done using data only extracted from the vSphere API. Historically, VMware and others have focused their data center management approach on the VM, host, network, and storage data available through the API. But anyone who's managed an IT environment knows that's like running a race with one arm tied behind your back."

Back in June 2011, SolarWinds acquired TriGeo Network in order to add log and event management software to its own network and systems management portfolio, allowing them to collect data from virtually any device on the network and correlate that data in real time for greater visibility, security, and control.

Castelino added, "SolarWinds has long believed that managing a data center environment is about collecting and correlating data from many sources, from the storage arrays, from the hosts, from network devices, and the application components themselves. Sometimes you gather this data via logs, other times via direct APIs, and where you have common bottlenecks you build management applications around the problem."

While VMware has confirmed that the transaction is taking place, it has not yet disclosed future plans for the software. The type of analytics that Log Insight provides would greatly benefit a virtual data center and cloud environment. So which of VMware's products will be closely integrated with the new addition?

There aren't a lot of details circulating from VMware right now, but hopefully we'll find out more at VMworld 2012 coming up in San Francisco later this month. After all, doesn't this sound like a great topic for a futures discussion in one of VMware's VMworld keynote sessions?

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