The states where iPads and iPhones are at most risk

Drops and spills are the top ways people damage their mobile devices. New data reveals in which states users are the clumsiest

It's a fear we all have: dropping our smartphone or tablet, watching a device that costs $500 or more crack or shatter. Or perhaps spilling beer, soda, or coffee onto it, then seeing it go dead as the liquid finds its way into an open port. (Never mind the toilet drops!)

It turns out that people are more prone to damage their iPads and iPhones in five states, according to data from SquareTrade, which offers repair warranties. Its data from the accidents its customers have reported show that an iPhone is more likely to be damaged in Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and South Carolina. The good news: If you live in Iowa, you're less likely to damage your iPhone. The least safe states for an iPad are South Carolina, Mississippi, Nebraska, District of Columbia, and Alaska. The safest states are Montana and West Virginia.

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South Carolina and Mississippi are dangerous locations for both iPads and iPhones, indicating a general level of excess clumsiness. No, it's not clear why some states' residents are clumsier than others. Hotter weather means more outdoor usage, more sweaty hands, and more nearby drinks? Perhaps.

Here's the data for the entire United States based on SquareTrade's data.

iPad Accident Rates per State
iPhone accident rates per state
iPad Accident Rates per State
iPad accident rates per state

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