FunnyJunk vs. Internet: The good guys won

Attorney Charles Carreon dropped lawsuit against The Oatmeal's Matt Inman -- for now. Hail free speech and power of the Web!

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Carreon, having been beaten like a gong, save for the fact he made Inman take a little more trouble to shoot his photos, dropped his suit and immediately declared victory. Somewhere along the line, he penned a little ditty about Inman called "Psycho Santa" and built a video around it. A few representative lyrics:

He can revert to his original form at will.

X-Men got nothin' he can't kill.

Only a simian of similar size

Can pluck the Pterodactyl out of the skies.

He's a psycho Santa with a big bag of tricks,

Ringin' a bell, and beggin' for clicks,

Psycho Santa got a itty bitty stick,

Psycho Santa, don't fall for his schtick.

If anyone had any questions about Carreon's mental stability after he picked this fight with the Internet, watching that video should pretty much answer them. I won't say any more than that, in case he decides to sue me too.

Several observers -- particularly attorney Ken White of the Popehat legal blog, who along with Ars Technica has followed this case as closely as anyone -- noted that Carreon dismissed his suit without prejudice, which means he could refile it again at another time. He might just be disturbed, masochistic, or desperate enough for attention to do so.

In the meantime, let us savor this small victory for free speech and the collective power of the InterWebs. Sometimes the good guys do win.

Will Carreon rise again? Place your bets below or email me:

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