Eclipse's Juno release train features tools for mobile developers

Annual collection of software development technologies also offers an upgraded base platform

The Eclipse Foundation, which has been a staple for open source development tools for most of the past decade, will offer its annual "release train" on Wednesday, featuring tools for mobile application development and a new base platform itself.

The ninth annual release train is code-named Juno and can be downloaded from the Eclipse website. It features work from 72 project teams and 55 million lines of code. Eclipse has been offering release trains to provide developers with a synchronized release of multiple projects. "We'll get 1 million downloads in less than 30 days," said Ian Skerrett, Eclipse vice president of marketing.

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Juno includes Eclipse for Mobile Developers, which will make it easier for developers to download and use Eclipse with a variety of mobile SDKs, including the Google Android SDK. "What we're doing is creating this package so it's very specific to what an Android [developer] needs," Skerrett said. Previously, Google would direct users to the Eclipse Web page, but it was not clear exactly what needed to be downloaded. "We're making it clear -- here are the exact things you need with one package, one download."

With Juno, Eclipse 4.2 becomes the mainstream platform for Eclipse users, and the existing Eclipse 3.x code stream goes into maintenance mode. Version 4.2 includes a compatibility layer enabling existing Eclipse plug-ins and RCP (Eclipse Rich Client Platform) applications to work on the new platform. Other highlights of Juno include:

  • Code Recommenders, a new project to make Eclipse code completion smart by analyzing how applications use specific Java APIs
  • The addition of integrated debugging of JVM-based domain specific languages in the Xtext development framework
  • A version of Eclipse Equinox based on the OSGi R5 specification (Equinox is a reference implementation of OSGi)
  • Koneki development tools, providing the Lua IDE (Lua is an embeddable scripting language for gaming and machine-to-machine applications)
  • A new Nano kernel in the Eclipse Virgo application server, enabling development of small, OSGi-applications
  • Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers, for embedded automotive software development

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