E.U. rejects Microsoft antitrust appeal, but reduces fine to $1.1 billion

General Court shaves 4 percent off record-breaking fine, but Microsoft must still pay $1.1 billion for failing to provide interoperability info to competitors

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The General Court of the European Union has rejected Microsoft's appeal of a 2008 European Commission antitrust ruling, but has reduced the fine Microsoft must pay from €899 million ($1.1 billion) to €860 million ($1.1 billion).

The European Commission had imposed the record-breaking fine because of Microsoft's failure to respect an earlier antitrust ruling that it disclose information about APIs used in its workgroup server products enabling competitors to develop interoperable products.

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"The General Court essentially upholds the commission's decision imposing a periodic penalty payment on Microsoft for failing to allow its competitors access to interoperability information on reasonable terms," the court said in a statement.