Download the PCI Compliance Deep Dive report

Compared with other regulations, the PCI standard makes specific and productive recommendations -- and fines for noncompliance are common. Here's how to make sure you're implementing this security standard properly

Developed and enforced by the credit card industry, the PCI Data Security Standard contains a set of detailed tenets that every company dealing with customer data should adopt. InfoWorld security expert Roger Grimes explains the best approach to PCI compliance -- and the consequences of failing to do so properly.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • Understanding the PCI security tenets
  • Outlining the specific PCI DSS requirements
  • Providing tips for how to survive a PCI audit

Download the "PCI Compliance Deep Dive report" for the essential details on implementing PCI. One of the most important industrywide computer standards, PCI is also one of the most specific, comprehensive, and prescriptive. PCI compliance is a significant asset for any IT professional who wants to establish a benchmark state of security satisfaction.

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