Yahoo yo-yo claims another CEO

Resumegate brings down Yahoo's head of state, and Cringely starts the countdown on the newly named commander

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Over at Time, Harry "The Technologizer" McCracken offers up a fun game where readers can match former Yahoo CEOs with the memos they issued either upon being forced out of the top job or being asked to replace someone who was being forced out. Like this one:

I am a huge believer in Yahoo and its people. We have a unique array of audience, advertising and technology assets that will become even more valuable as the Internet continues its rapid growth. And, I have no doubt that, with its new leadership team, Yahoo will realize its enormous potential.

Those were among Terry Semel's parting words to Yahoo employees, shortly before he left the building with nearly half a billion dollars in salary. But they could have just as easily been spoken by Jerry Yang, Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson, or -- someday soon -- Ross Levinsohn.

Postscript: Whenever you think you're having a bad week or two in your life, remember this: The Wall Street Journal has revealed that, in addition to the public humiliation of losing his high-profile job thanks to a fudged resume, Scott Thompson has thyroid cancer and will start undergoing treatment immediately. All snark aside, Notes From the Field wishes him a speedy recovery.

Is Yahoo pushing up daisies? Post your postmortems below or email the do-not-resuscitate orders here:

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