Kaiser Permanente aims to make healthcare more delightful

Kaiser Permanente CIO Philip Fasano discusses how the electronic records 'bet' has paid off and how social and mobile technologies will advance the effort

With the U.S. Supreme Court now debating the fate of the so-called 'Obamacare' legislation passed in 2010, healthcare has been much in the news of late -- and not much of the news about healthcare is very good. That is, unless you're talking to Philip Fasano, executive vice president and CIO of Kaiser Permanente, the giant Oakland, CA-based integrated health system. Fasano, whose IT organization has delivered on a multi-billion dollar electronic medical records initiative, believes that healthcare's greatest days are ahead thanks to the rapid infusion of technology. In fact, Fasano thinks -- dare we say it -- that your healthcare provider should be in the business of delighting you.

In this latest installment of our CIO Interview Series, Fasano spoke with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about how the electronic records 'bet' has paid off for Kaiser Permanente and its roughly 9 million customers and patients, and how social and mobile technologies will advance the effort. He offers hard-won advice on making big tech projects successful and talks about what it means for CIOs to be the 'CEO' of their organizations.

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Fasano is a member of the CIO Executive Council, IDG Enterprise's peer-based global community of leading CIOs. Click here for more information on the Council.

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