iPhone beats Android as top mobile browsing device

BlackBerry and Symbian sink, while Opera Mini and iPod Touch hold steady

The market share battle between Android smartphones and iPhones may be turning a corner. The latest data from StatCounter on Web usage in North America shows the iPhone beating Android smartphones for the first time, though a variety of research firms say Android continues to best the iPhone in unit sales. When you factor in the iPod Touch -- enjoying steady Web traffic for a year -- the margin between iOS and Android handheld devices becomes significant.

Meanwhile, if you had any doubt that Research in Motion's BlackBerry was on the decline, despite aggressive promises and marketing by RIM, check out the interactive chart below. Also on the decline is Nokia's Symbian platform, which Nokia abandoned more than a year ago in favor of Windows Phone 7. Nokia's Lumia series of Windows Phone 7 smartphones only came to the North American market in April, so it's too soon to tell if Nokia can regain some of its presence; so far, Windows Phone 7's share has increased slightly since the Lumia's release.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats: Mobile Browser Market Share

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