The best office apps for Android tablets

With the right set of apps, your Android tablet can become an indispensable part of your mobile work arsenal. Here are the tools you need

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The best Android tablet PDF markup program
While all of our office suite contenders allow for PDF viewing, only one of them provides an option for highlighting or marking up the files: Quickoffice Pro HD.

Given the fact that Quickoffice lags behind other office suite contenders in so many areas, however, I wouldn't recommend spending $20 on it for this function alone. Instead, I'd suggest grabbing Unidocs' EzPDF, available for $3.


EzPDF has a huge number of features, all in a slick-looking interface that translates nicely to the tablet form. EzPDF lets you annotate documents with text or freehand drawing. You can highlight or underline text, add in shapes and images, and crop or rotate preformatted pages. The app can select text from PDF documents, too, after which you can copy it to your system clipboard and use it as needed in other applications.

EzPDF is even built to work naturally with stylus devices, making it an excellent option for users with pen-based tablets like Samsung's Galaxy Note. With the program's free cloud plug-in add-on, you can also connect it directly to your Google Docs account for seamless in-app access to cloud-based files.

Putting it all together: The ideal Android tablet office suite
For word processing, spreadsheet editing, and presentation management, OfficeSuite Pro is the best overall office suite available for Android tablets. From its stellar interface to its wide range of features and cloud connectivity options, OfficeSuite Pro delivers a superb user experience and stands in a league of its own. Its primary drawback is in the area of presentations, where it shines at simple slide creation -- with a variety of ready-made, slick-looking backgrounds -- but is limited in the amount of customization it provides.

If PDF editing is part of your routine, you'll want to add EzPDF to the equation; it offers a standout tablet-optimized interface for marking up PDF documents in any way you might need. With its $3 price tag, your total expense between that and OfficeSuite will be $18 -- still $2 less than you'd spend on Quickoffice, which includes PDF markup functionality but is significantly less impressive than OfficeSuite Pro in many other regards.

With those tools at your disposal, your tablet will be well on its way to becoming a mobile work machine. If you can manage to stay away from Words with Friends, your potential for productivity should be sky-high.

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