The best office apps for Android tablets

With the right set of apps, your Android tablet can become an indispensable part of your mobile work arsenal. Here are the tools you need

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The best Android tablet presentation software
Only four of our five Android office suite contenders offer support for presentations -- sorry, Docs -- and each has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

Documents to Go

Presentation - Documents to Go

Documents to Go allows you to create, view, and edit PowerPoint presentations, but its options are severely limited and its interface -- you guessed it -- is sorely dated and difficult to use.

The Documents to Go presentation editor supports only plain-text slides. On top of that, you can't even view the slides with their proper formatting while you edit them; instead, you're forced to toggle over to an "outline view" in order to change text. Options -- of which there are few -- are hidden in a old-fashioned legacy menu icon. Altogether, this offering is about as unimpressive as can be.

OfficeSuite Pro

Presentation - OfficeSuite Pro

OfficeSuite Pro provides you with 10 presentation templates, each with its own background and graphical theme. Within each template, however, your options for customization are rather limited: You can touch any text field to type in words, and you can move any field by pressing it and sliding your finger around the screen.

Beyond that, you're pretty much stuck with the setup the template gives you; commands for changing text color and size and for inserting images are nowhere to be found. OfficeSuite Pro does have controls for text indentation and bulleting, though, as well as for reordering and duplicating slides. It also supports slide-specific notes.

Quickoffice Pro HD

Presentation - Quickoffice

Quickoffice Pro HD has an impressive range of slide-creation tools. The app gives you a choice of 11 different templates for each slide you add and allows you to easily insert and format text to your liking, changing the font type, color, and style as needed. It also has options for inserting images from your tablet's gallery or camera, as well as options for inserting a variety of shapes, lines, and arrows.

The app's Achilles' heel: It lacks any backgrounds or graphical themes, which -- despite its success in customization -- results in plain and dull-looking slides.

ThinkFree Mobile for Tablet

Presentation - ThinkFree

Like Quickoffice, ThinkFree has a nice range of slide-creation tools, including options for inserting text boxes, tables, shapes, and images. The app has just three graphical background options, though. While it's an improvement over Quickoffice, it still restricts the way you can make your presentations look.

The verdict
This one is tricky, as none of the apps' presentation functionality is 100 percent perfect. That said, OfficeSuite Pro's simple and attractive graphical templates make it the best choice for anyone looking to create basic presentations or to edit and manipulate existing presentations. For anyone who needs more finite control over newly created slideshows, ThinkFree may be a better choice, thanks to its superior customization tools -- but know that any presentations you create with it will be somewhat limited in the way they can look due to the app's underwhelming background selection.

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