Jet Brains tunes JavaScript IDE for Harmony

Version 4.0 of the WebStorm IDE focuses on ECMAScript, which is the official standard underlying JavaScript

JetBrains has begun shipping version 4.0 of its WebStorm JavaScript IDE, which features backing for the new features in the Harmony version of ECMAScript, the company said.

Version 4.0 was unveiled last week. ECMAScript is the official standard underlying JavaScript. JetBrains is citing a roster of Harmony features it now supports, including classes, traits, for-of loops, spread operator, object initializer shorthand and property method assignment, said Alexey Korsun, JetBrains product marketing manager. WebStorm, JetBrains said, is known for anticipating a developer's next step.

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"We always try to adopt best practices that not only influence your productivity but also raise your code quality, and we inspire other developers to do the same," said Alexey Gopachenko, WebStorm project lead, in a statement. "In WebStorm 4.0, we introduced Code Coverage for JavaScript Unit Test, which lets you see how much code is untested -- right as you code. The big idea is to prevent bugs instead of catching them."

Other features cited in WebStorm 4.0 include HTML5 boilerplate and Web application templates, easier JavaScript library scope configuration, smarter ordering of JavaScript completion options, and custom code folding regions. Developers can try WebStorm 4.0 for 30 days for free by accessing it at the WebStorm website. Personal and commercial licenses are available. JetBrains is best known for its IntelliJ Idea Java IDE.

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