MobileMedia scores patent win over Apple, with eyes on RIM and HTC

Jury decides that the iPhone infringes on three calling-related patents held by MobileMedia, which is owned by Nokia, Sony, and MPEG-LA

A U.S. jury has ruled that the Apple iPhone infringes on three patents held by an outfit called MobileMedia, which is owned by Nokia, MPEG-LA, and Sony. The patents in question pertain to the phone's camera, call handling, and call rejection.

Jurors for the case reportedly deliberated for a mere four hours after a week-long federal trial in Wilmington, Del. That stands in stark contrast to the extended billion-dollar patent trials we've seen between Apple and Samsung. MobileMedia had initially challenged Apple on 14 patents, but the figure was reduced to three.

Earlier this year, MobileMedia tried to sue Apple of a screen-rotation patent, but a court ruled that the case couldn't go to trial, according to Cnet.

MobileMedia has garnered the unflattering descriptor "patent troll" from some observers. The company, which was formed in 2010, holds 300 patents in all and is currently embroiled in trials against RIM and HTC, according to Engadget.

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