IT jobs light up top 100 careers for 2013

Systems analysts, DBAs, and developers in especially high demand among employers, says U.S. News & World Report

Systems analyst, database administrator, software developer, and Web developer are among the top 10 overall careers for 2013, according to a recent U.S. News and World Report ranking of the 100 best jobs for the upcoming year. Three additional IT jobs -- computer programmer, IT manager, and systems administrator -- made the top 25.

U.S. News came up with a pool of 100 jobs for its list based on the greatest hiring demand as categorized by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; the publication then scored each of those jobs based on such factors as salary, job prospects, employment rate, and growth potential. Indeed, techies are in high demand to the point that organizations like Microsoft have called on the feds to issue more visas and green cards to help companies fill positions.

IT jobs take 4 of top 10 spots

Computer systems analyst was ranked fourth on the top 100 list with an overall score of 8.2 out of 10. According to the report, the median salary for systems analysts in 2011 was $78,770; the highest-paid 10 percent of systems analysts earned $120,060 and the lowest-paid took home $49,370. The prospects of upward mobility are "average," according to the report, as are stress levels; the flexibility level is above average. The current unemployment rate among systems analysts is 2.5 percent. By 2020, the BLS projects the number of system analyst jobs to increase by 22.1 percent, with 120,400 new openings in all.

With a score of 8.0, database administrator was ranked the sixth best career for 2013. The median salary for DBAs was around $75,190 in 2011, with the top 10 percent netting $116,870 and the bottom 10 percent bringing home $42,360. Demand for DBAs will result in a 30.6 percent increase of job openings by 2020, an increase of 33,900 openings; the current unemployment rate among DBAs is just 1.3 percent. DBAs enjoy average upward mobility and flexibility, but also above-average levels of stress.

Number seven on the list of top 100 jobs with an overall score of 7.9: software developer, a position earning a median salary of $89,280 in 2011. Top-earning software devs took home around $111,990, while the bottom 10 percent earned $54,980. By 2020, there will be a projected additional 143,800 software developer jobs in the United States, representing employment growth of 27.6 percent. The current unemployment rate for software devs is around 4.0 percent. Upward mobility potential for this position is average, as is the stress level. Software developers enjoy above-average flexibility.

Web developer landed in the No. 9 spot with a score of 7.8. The median salary for Web developers was $77,990, with the upper echelon earning around $124,860 and the lowest earners banking $42,770. The BLS predicted a 21.7 percent surge in job growth for Web developers, resulting in 65,700 additional jobs by 2020. Right now, 4.7 percent of Web developers are unemployed. Web developers enjoy a high rate of flexibility, according to the report, and below-average stress levels. Upward mobility potential is above average.

Programmers, managers, admins round out top 100

If you're a computer programmer, you hold the 13th best job for 2013, according to the report. On a scale of one to 10, computer programmer earned an overall score of 7.5. The median salary for computer programmers was $72,630, with the top 10 percent making $115,610 and the bottom 10 percent earning around $41,710. Demand for programmers will yield a 12 percent employment growth by 2020, adding 43,700 more openings. As it stands, some 3.7 percent of computer programmers are unemployed. Programmers enjoy above-average upward mobility and stress levels and average flexibility.

IT managers, stressed though they may be, can lay claim to the 20th best job for 2013. The median salary among IT managers is $118,010. Over the next decade, 55,800 news IT manager jobs will emerge, thanks to a projected 18.1 percent employment growth rate. The unemployment rate among IT managers is 2.9 percent. IT managers have above-average potential for upward mobility. However, stress levels are high, and flexibility is below average.

The last IT job on the list, systems administrator, has an overall rank of 23 and a score of 7.0 out of 10. The median salary for systems admins was $70,970. Projected job growth is around 27.8 percent through 2020, which will result in 96,600 new positions. The unemployment rate for system admins is 3.9 percent. Per U.S. News, systems admins endure average levels of stress while enjoying above-average upward mobility and average flexibility.

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