Your key technology decisions for 2013

A surge in cloud and mobile options and shifts in who pays for tech present a fresh set of challenges for IT. Tell us about your biggest choices for the coming year

As 2012 comes to a close, IT management faces a broader array of decisions than ever before. At InfoWorld we're in the process of culling the most important choices to consider -- and we're asking for your input.

What are the key technologies that you're considering adopting or phasing out? How will you go about making those choices? Let us know -- either in the comments below, through Twitter, or via email if you'd prefer confidentiality -- and we'll address those questions head-on in an in-depth article set to publish early next year.

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Here's a quick summary of the trends and developments that have led to our current crossroads. This is just a partial list in no particular order, but it may provide some inspiration:

Through all of this has been a sense that the "old IT" -- of overengineered solutions, aging technology, and elaborate procedures -- is under siege. But clear alternatives have not necessarily presented themselves, other than disgruntled users finding their own solutions.

Changes in enterprise technology always take longer than you think they will. And yet, an uncertain economy notwithstanding, we're betting you'll have some interesting technology decisions on your plate come Jan. 2, 2013. Tell us all about them.

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