5nine's free migration tool moves VMware VMs to Hyper-V

V2V Easy Converter is an alternative to Microsoft's new Virtual Machine Converter software to convert vSphere virtual machines

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Functionally, it operates much like Microsoft's MVMC tool or any other V2V tool on the market, whether going from VMware to Hyper-V or vice versa. Generally, you are capturing the source VM's configuration and creating a new VM configuration on the destination platform in the new format. And you are copying the VM virtual hard disk and converting it to the new hypervisor's virtual disk format. Finally, you are replacing the virtualized drivers in the guest operating system with the virtual device drivers for the new hypervisor platform.

But what's interesting is that 5nine V2V Easy Converter supports:

  • Migration of guests with different configurations, including large disks and shared disks
  • Modifying the target guest configuration parameters, leaving the source configuration preserved
  • Converting VMs with Linux guest operating systems (Ubuntu and CentOS), beyond just the normal Windows guest support
  • And you don't have to remove the guest from the source VMware environment prior to conversion.

Migrating users will be happy to know that as Microsoft improves their hypervisor platform, an ecosystem of third-party solutions will continue to form around it much like what has happened to VMware. Longtime VMware partners like SolarWinds, Veeam, and Quest Software and VKernel (both now part of Dell) have all begun developing solutions that work with Hyper-V.

In the end, the formation of a third-party ecosystem is perhaps just as important to the future of Microsoft's virtualization success as is the growth and expansion of Hyper-V's feature set.

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