8 cranky complaints about the Mac from an old Windows user

After eight months I'm officially a Mac person. The move from Windows was easy, but I have a few things to get off my chest

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No Apple docking stations. There are third-party MacBook docking stations, but my company won't touch 'em -- and my colleagues with Windows machines get docking stations by default. I bet my employer isn't alone in this policy, although you can argue that IT conservatism is to blame. I miss the satifying clack of seating a laptop in its docking station; plugging and unplugging cables wears them out.

Cost of Apple peripherals. Fifty bucks for a mouse? Or check this: The lovely 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display costs a thousand bucks, while an equally excellent Dell UltraSharp model runs $750. And if you're in search of a MacBook memory upgrade, here's my advice: Don't buy it from the Apple Store unless you want to pay more than double.

Complicated keyboard shortcuts. I wasn't expecting this one. Command-Shift-Option-Delete to empty the trash can without a confirmation window? Command-Shift-Control-3 to capture a screen to the clipboard? The Office shortcuts are worse -- like, five keystrokes to open the thesaurus in Word. Maybe the real message here? "Use the mouse, dummy."

Who made the eject button a keyboard button? And right next to the Delete key. I've come to hate the sound of the optical drive ejecting a disc.

iTunes. This clunky, aggressive relic blew past its freshness date years ago. (Although a new version is supposedly due any minute now, so I may have to eat my words.) For simple playback, and support of every possible format (including .WMA), I like VLC.

So, you ask, am I done with this pettiness? Yeah, that's pretty much it, though I should mention I still kinda miss the Aero previews of windows on the Windows 7 taskbar. It bears repeating, though, that the worst part by far is Office for the Mac. No question that has cost me some productivity.

There were days after I switched to the Mac that I longed to go back to Windows 7. No more -- I'm happy with my MacBook. We get along well. The feel of the keyboard and the aluminum case and the hinge and all the other physical fit-and-finish stuff is seductive.

But my conclusion won't please anyone: It feels like a wash between my MacBook and my old Windows 7 machine. Nonetheless, I have one thing to be grateful for: When Microsoft finally pulls the plug on Windows 7, and Windows 8 reigns, I'll never be forced to use Metro on the desktop.

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