Apple arrogance, Microsoft muddling, privacy problems -- the rants rain down

Apple Maps, the quest for the next Steve Jobs, and rampant data mining sure get a rise out of readers, Cringely learns

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On a similar note, a while back I wrote about Apple suing yet another company for using a logo that looked vaguely like the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden and even more vaguely like the iconic Apple logo, if you squinted. Reader E. W. was reminded of another company that used to be synonymous with that kind of arrogance:

IBM still had innovations even when their sales began to shrink, but the decline into corporate laziness had long since become entrenched into their psyche and was never corrected.... In some respects, Apple is playing the same game these days, albeit along the lines of suing everyone using anything remotely resembling an apple in a logo. Will they sue apple growers nationwide because they're foolish enough to grow fruit as they've done for hundreds of years? Apple's hubris is simply amazing, far more so than their products are. Each product is more an evolution than a revolution, which is what one would expect as a product line matures. Oh, the new iPhone is finally here? Yawn, must have missed it.

Still, says longtime reader B. B., Apple's arrogance is no match for Microsoft's incompetence -- as evidenced most recently by its plan to save the Windows franchise via the new Surface tablets.

Even the loathsome, monopolistic Apple Corporation still seems to understand the difference between touch tablets and computers. ...Microsoft's attempt to unify these interfaces plus that of a phone is a blunder beyond imagination. ...The idea people at Microsoft must be at or near the top of the corporate ladder. Otherwise, common sense would suggest that they'd have been replaced several years ago.

With Apple, Microsoft and Google clawing at each other's necks, Who's to like? I like Samsung.

Gee, B., tell us how you really feel.

Finally, I recently asked, as many have, who if anyone will be the next Steve Jobs. Reader R. C. had a suggestion that was missing from the usual suspects but was pretty good, I think:

You may want to check into Jeff Hawkins. He may be building the real model of intelligence based on the human brain. Work like a human brain at computer speed.

And if they could build one that can crank out snarky 700-word blog posts three times a week I might buy it and retire.

What do you wish somebody would invent, and what would you be willing to pay for it? Post your cockamamie brilliant ideas below or email me:

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