Review: Next-gen HP ProLiant pumps up the jam

HP's DL380p Gen8 dances through virtualization workloads and server administration with compelling mix of speed and ease

Review: Next-gen HP ProLiant pumps up the jam

Unlike most movie sequels, the HP ProLiant DL380 gets better with each generation. The DL dynasty just hit generation 8, and true to form, the HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 does a fine job of incorporating all the latest server hardware, features, and doodads, with special emphasis on CPU clout, storage performance, and systems management.

HP designed the DL380p Gen8 with many of the same market and performance goals as the Dell PowerEdge 720xd (click for the review); both share the same form factor, drive density, and Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU architecture. The DL380 is also a noticeable upgrade from the DL380's Gen7 iteration. For one, it runs on dual Xeon E5-2600s instead of the Gen7's dual Xeon 5600s, which means it can run a maximum of eight cores per socket versus the Gen7's six cores -- with more compute punch in each core. The Gen8 not only supports 768GB of RAM vs. the Gen7's maximum of 348GB, but it can also handle a wider variety of RAM types. Finally, HP has spent considerable effort increasing the storage performance of its servers. While the Gen8 uses the same Smart Array P420i storage controller as the Gen7, the Gen8 still supports a wider variety of drive types, along with greater density.

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