The CEO carousel runs rings around IT

At one company, the CEOs can't seem to stick around -- and turn one IT pro's upgrade project into a task without end

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CEO III came on board. One of the first things he asked me was why our IT infrastructure seemed so archaic, and wasn't I the person responsible for maintaining it? Why had I not done anything about it?

I told him that, yes, I was responsible for the IT infrastructure and explained about the upgrade plan and that I'd been told to put the project on hold. After a lengthy meeting, he agreed to fund continuation of the project.

Of course, given that it took the company so long to find this CEO, the equipment that was upgraded in the first phase were already nearly three years old. But rather than redo phase one of the upgrade, CEO III directed me to just continue with phase two.

I completed phase two and had another meeting with CEO III to get funding for the last phase of the original project plan. However, he told me that we'd have to wait until the next year's budget.

The next year arrived, and the economy was terrible. I was told there wasn't enough money for new equipment. Phase three was put on hold another year.

The following year came, and with it yet another executive change -- although this time the search only took six months.

CEO IV arrived, called me in to his office, and talked to me about why our IT infrastructure was so outdated. Surprisingly, his questions were asked in a fact-finding manner, and unlike his predecessors, he didn't have a blame-the-IT-guy undertone to his voice.

I explained what had happened. He listened and said that the upgrades were a priority, but we'd have to wait for funds to open up. He'd let me know.

I'd spent enough time and energy running on the hamster wheel and getting nowhere, so I found another job. As far as I know, Acme Corp. is still using antiquated equipment and promising the new IT pro that the funding will be available "sometime soon."

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