Buyers say the cloud is already tired out

A recent survey shows that lack of innovation and maturity cause many businesses to avoid the cloud -- for now

Why is there not larger adoption of cloud computing? A joint survey by the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) and ISACA (previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) tries to answer that question.

Of course, government regulations and international data privacy rules are on the list of concerns that hurt confidence in cloud computing, the survey shows. However, a lack of innovation and maturity in cloud computing itself are larger concerns, slowing widespread cloud adoption. In fact, 24 percent of respondents said there is little to no innovation in the cloud market. Meanwhile, only 33 percent who say the level of innovation is significant.

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I've previously pointed out the cloud's problem of "little boxes all the same" due to the lack of innovation in cloud computing, and this survey appears to validate that observation. The perception that cloud computing has both low innovation and low maturity is very scary when you consider just how young the cloud is.

The core problem is that most cloud technology providers believe what they do is innovative. To them, that means adopting the strategies of the market leaders, replicating their features and APIs (call for call), and hyping the market.

While such a "fast follower" strategy have worked a few years ago, it falls flat today with IT organizations that are much more savvy -- and cautious -- about the cloud. They understand that, for cloud computing to have value, it must bring something new to the table. Lacking those innovations, and thus that value, they understandably take a wait-and-see approach.

It's not good for the cloud industry to seem so old and tired at such a young age.

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