Why Woz is unhappy with the cloud

Although the Apple co-founder says the idea of the cloud is great, people should prepare for lots of disappointment, he warns

Continuing his recent mantra, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (popularly known as "Woz") has more words of caution about cloud applications, warning that users lack control over these systems. But Wozniak is no anti-cloud zealot. In fact, he supports it, but anticipates a rough road ahead for cloud users.

Wozniak says the basic issue is that users don't own anything in the cloud. People can get used to a feature in the cloud and then suddenly it is gone or changes. "Anything can change instantly. The way things work, a feature can disappear, a product can disappear on the cloud," Wozniak said at a meeting of the Churchill Club business group.

When signing up for cloud applications and services, users agree to all sorts of things when quickly checking off boxes in user agreements. "I'm sure I've signed away [recourse to] anything on the cloud that goes wrong. I have no recourse," Wozniak said. And that will cause users to go through waves of problems and disappointments. "We're going to have quite a few years of people not being satisfied ... [because] "it doesn't work beautifully like a trusted friend does."

Despite his reservations about how the cloud is managed by providers, Wozniak endorses cloud applications. "We can't turn back the cloud. There's no way to stop it. It's so important, it has such huge advantages, it's a good thing."

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