Zend, VMware partner on PHP cloud deployments

Integration between Zend Server PHP and VMware vFabric Application Director automates process of moving from virtualized to cloud environments

Zend and VMware are announcing an integration between the Zend Server PHP application server and VMware's vFabric Application Director tool for automating the provisioning of applications to clouds. The partnership allows enterprises to deploy PHP applications to private, public, or hybrid clouds via a drag-and-drop user interface.

To help with deployment, VMware and Zend developed portable deployment "blueprints," which feature a reference implementation to make it easier to provision PHP applications. "Customers can use blueprints to deploy a PHP cluster," said Ido Ben Moshe, vice president of global support and professional services at Zend, in an interview at the VMworld 2012 conference in San Francisco this week.

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PHP has been a critical cog on the Web. "It's right now running around a third of the Web apps out there, and we do see growth in PHP," Moshe said. From a PHP perspective, the Zend-VMware integration enables enterprises to take their virtualized environments to the cloud, supporting self-service, auto-scaling, and auto-provisioning, he said.

In a prepared statement, a VMware official noted the company's existing PHP customer base. "We already have joint customers that run PHP, and we're committed to enabling our customers to use PHP in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments," said Ramin Sayar, vice president and general manager of virtualization and cloud management at VMware.

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