Bluelock provides VMware users with cloud-based disaster recovery

Bluelock's new recovery as a service, powered by Zerto Virtual Replication, meets both 'in-cloud' and 'to-cloud' needs

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"If you're currently hosting a private cloud or physical infrastructure at your business, you're likely considering RaaS against an internal, traditional solution in which you manage both ends of the replication sites," says Diana Nolting, Bluelock's marketing coordinator. "Bluelock's To-Cloud RaaS solution is ideal for businesses running VMware-virtualized environments that are frustrated with the complexity and expense of traditional DR options."

Nolting went on to describe the company's VDC 4000 solution by stating:

By replicating to a public cloud provider instead of replicating to an internally managed second site, you will save by not having to purchase or maintain a second infrastructure. Bluelock's To-Cloud RaaS solution comes in a turnkey package complete with customer support, client services and technical documentation to make your installation, planning and recovery experience easy and efficient. The solution provides everything you need to effectively replicate your production workloads to a Bluelock VDC hosted in the cloud using the most advanced replication technologies. The required software is not an agent. It is simple to understand and easy to install with no required reboots. No assembly or maintenance of complex software and infrastructure technology is required, so you can focus on the projects that would otherwise get pushed to the side if your team were managing its own replication environment.

Bluelock bases its replication of existing systems on the Zerto Virtual Replication software. Zerto technology allows Bluelock to clone virtual machines and data traffic in running systems and then send a copy to the recovery site. According to Zerto, the system relies on a continuous, up-to-date data stream rather than using snapshots which can impact your existing application performance and slow down your production environment.

"Achieving and optimizing the appropriate balance between IT disaster recovery capabilities, affordability, and risk mitigation is central to Bluelock's RaaS solutions," said Pat O'Day, chief technology officer, Bluelock. "Bluelock's 4-Series Virtual Datacenters provide an affordable and effective product for both Bluelock customers and companies who want to recover into Bluelock's proven enterprise-grade cloud environment at a compelling price point."

Both of Bluelock's RaaS offerings are available today.

Bluelock is a member of VMware's public cloud partner ecosystem and has data center facilities in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City as well as Indianapolis, where the company is headquartered. The company currently competes with SunGard and other data center providers with disaster recovery services. But it will be interesting to watch what VMware announces on May 21 when VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger unveils his company's new cloud service that is said to extend a company's virtualized data center to the cloud. Is it possible that VMware and Bluelock will go from partner to competitor in little more than a week from now?

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