It's official: 'Blue' will be called Windows 8.1

The Blogging Windows site announces a few details about the upcoming free update to Windows 8

Microsoft spokesperson Brandon LeBlanc made it official. We now know that Windows "Blue" will be known as Windows 8.1. It will be a free update to Windows 8, available from the Windows Store. And there will be a Public Preview released on June 26. No surprises there.

I was surprised to see LeBlanc's announcement sing the praises of the Dell XPS 12, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, Sony Vaio Tap 20, and Acer Aspire R 7 -- with no mention of Microsoft's own Surface.

While the blog says that "today at retail, you can find a powerful mobile touch laptop starting at just over $400," none of the highlighted computers make that crucial cut. The XPS 12 retails for $1,200; the IdeaPad Yoga 13 for $1,000; the Sony TAP 20 for $830; and the Aspire R 7 for $1,000.

Perhaps most damningly, there's no mention of Windows RT, except to say that there will be a preview for the platform. (Makes me wonder what they're going to call it -- Windows RT 8.1?)

I was also impressed by the repeated mention of "continual updates." The "Blue" effort may signify many things for Microsoft, but it most assuredly is not a "continual update." It's a compression of the old three-year product upgrade cycle down to a very Apple-like one year. Hardly continual.

Will Microsoft offer us legacy desktop users anything more than a boot-to-desktop option and a comically incapable Start button? Time will tell.

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