Microsoft releases repair disk for botched KB 2823324 patch

In unprecedented move, Microsoft releases downloadable repair CD for users with Win7 systems bricked by MS13-036/KB 2823324 patch

If your machine comes up with blue screens of death (BSODs) after installing Microsoft's ill-fated KB 2823324/MS13-036 patch, Microsoft has just made available a download that will get your system going again. The CD image is only designed to bring back PCs that absolutely cannot be booted because of KB 2823324. It does not function as a general-purpose Windows 7 System Repair Disk.

Microsoft advises that if you are able to boot your Windows 7 PC, you should remove the botched Black Tuesday patch manually.

If you can't boot your computer, download the ISO file to any non-comatose PC. Right-click on the downloaded file and burn the ISO to a CD or USB. Then boot from the CD or USB. The KB 2823324 recovery routine proceeds automatically, with no intervention required. 

Microsoft advises:

Customers who cannot successfully restart their systems after applying the 2823324 update can download this image to create a bootable DVD or USB drive with which they can boot their systems, uninstall security update 2823324, and return their systems to a normal operating state. Microsoft recommends using this ISO image only if customers cannot successfully restart their systems. Customers who can restart normally should not use this ISO image and should instead refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2839011 for instructions on how to uninstall security update 2823324.

Known Issues:

1) This will not run on old hardware (pre 2004) that does not support NX.

2) This will only run on Windows 7 32 bit installations.

3) It will not work if Bitlocker is enabled.

The ill-fated patch, which was part of this month's Black Tuesday crop, started installing automatically on Win7 PCs nine days ago. Last Thursday, Microsoft pulled the patch, with a recommendation that the patch be removed manually. Although the bad patch interfered with the operation of certain Kaspersky Antivirus packages, the major problems -- including repeated BSODs -- appeared in the Portuguese-language version of 32-bit Win7.

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