CBS tunes in to open source, cloud

Broadcast giant backs open source software, including Apache Hadoop distributed computing system and MySQL database

Ring in open source and cloud apps, ring out old packaged software. That's the message relayed by Peter Yared, CTO for CBS Interactive, at this week's open source-focused Open Business Conference in San Francisco.

"We love open source" and run a ton of it, Yared said. CBS Interactive, which includes CBS Web properties, has utilized open source software, including the Apache Hadoop distributed computing system and the MySQL database.

Open source has overtaken proprietary software that was stagnating, Yared said. CBS has even moved from one open software platform, the Apache HTTP Server, to another, the Nginx Web server.

Driven by cost concerns, the company will switch over to a software platform when it becomes cheaper, Yared acknowledged. CBS also contributes to open source projects, including Apache. "We tell our guys, use open source as much as possible," he said.

Cloud services get Yared's endorsement as well. "I don't really see anyone buying Siebel or PeopleSoft anymore," Yared said. "Everyone's has really shifted over to cloud services." Both Siebel and PeopleSoft have been acquired by Oracle. The company will be using, Yared said.

CBS also might be on the cutting edge when it comes to dealing with patent trolls, who seek reimbursement for companies alleging infringing on their patents. Previously, CBS would give them some money to just go away. These days, CBS partners with others to take a stand against patent trolling.

"Now, we jointly fight this stuff." The company has won a few of these battles, Yared said.

UPDATE: Yared later clarified that he sees a trend where companies join forces to fight patent trolls and was not referencing any specific activities in this vein at CBS.

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