7 paths to spotting and spurring hidden IT talent

Your next great IT hire already works for your organization. Here's how to discover hidden IT gems

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Spotting hidden IT talent tip No. 7: Push your best employees out of the nest

It seems more than slightly counterintuitive: One of the best ways to attract and keep talent is to tell them when it's time to leave your team. But you owe it to your staff to let them know you're interested in their long-term success, says Stoll, even if that means eventually losing a star employee.

"You need to have honest conversations with your employees and ask them, 'So, when are you ready to leave my team?'" he says. "It's a conversation that says, 'I'm committed to your long-term success. Right now, that may mean finding you another role here.' These people are likely to be some of your star performers. It's tough, but helping them move onward and upward is the right thing."

New hires are discouraged from thinking about pursuing a long-term career at The Rich Dad Co., adds LeCount. "In fact most of our employees run their own companies on the side -- it's something we encourage," he says. "We want them to learn on the job, then take what they learn to go out on their own. We're in the business of teaching entrepreneurship, and we want our employees to embody that."

Managers need to resist the Dilbert Principle, says Stoll; they can't assume they can hold on to their best employees indefinitely because they believe geeks don't care about career advancement.

"You can't hoard talented engineers forever, but you can keep your best people longer if you take a personal interest in their careers," he says. "It's more than discovering people's hidden talents. It's the notion that really getting to know people helps you fit them into the bigger picture."

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