Three biggest misconceptions about 3D printing

Many businesses are falling behind on 3D printing because of a few common misconceptions

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If your business isn't already investing in 3D printing, it should be. And if you have a 3D printer, you should buy another one, recommends Gartner research director Pete Basiliere.

Gartner recently released a report authored by Basiliere predicting that enterprise-class 3D printers will be available for less than $2,000 by 2016. The key factors driving the price down are the technology's potential for slashing costs and innovation in 3D printing hardware and software, Basiliere says.

But while many businesses have already adopted the technology, Basiliere says many more are misinformed on the technology's value in the enterprise.

"There are people in the enterprise who are already using additive manufacturing technologies and 3D printing technologies, it's just that the growth potential is huge because there is a very large number of enterprises that have not tried having a 3D printer on-site right now," he says.

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