What's driving corporate cloud use? Home cloud use

CDW survey shows employees' use of personal cloud services and BYOD is a major motivator for enterprise cloud adoption

A new study sponsored by CDW shows what may seem obvious: Home users of cloud-based services are more likely to promote work use of cloud computing. The interesting part is that these self-motivated customers have done a better job of selling cloud computing than the marketing departments with their billions of dollars.

CDW's "2013 State of the Cloud" report surveyed 1,242 tech professionals and concluded that the personal use of cloud services is a big factor in corporate cloud adoption. In the report, 73 percent of respondents claimed that, in their company, employees' use of personal cloud services has "significantly influenced" the decision to move aspects of enterprise IT to the public cloud. The survey included employees who worked within as well as outside of IT.

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In other words, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Apps, and SaaS users have a positive view and understanding of cloud computing. They create their own good PR and make the case for a good deal of enterprise cloud adoption. The stakes may be higher, but the concepts are the same.

Moreover, 61 percent of businesses agreed that BYOD has driven a faster move to cloud-based services for use on the back end of employees' devices. These mobile users can clearly see the value brought by cloud-based resources.

Again, we're witnessing the pull of users (or shadow IT) for cloud computing, with IT moving in to meet the demand. Those who've moved to the cloud in their personal lives typically find it's cost effective and productive. They're rightfully asking for the same services and the same ease to be available at work.

However, the largest plus is that the mere mention of "cloud" no longer brings up confusion, fear, and defensiveness. Instead, it's now viewed as an obtainable and understandable resource that, if given a chance, may make work life easier, as it did in home life.

The best cloud teacher is the cloud itself. Now that's good news!

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