4 free tools to simulate a cloud connection

Linux-based WAN emulation tools can help you decide whether your planned cloud migration is the right move

I wrote last week about some of the reasons you might want to simulate access to the cloud before going all-in -- especially if you can't justify the cost of a direct connection to the cloud. I also spent some time digging into various ways that you can estimate the end-to-end performance of an Internet connection.

Next on the list: Here's how to actually emulate that connection on your own premises with your own applications.

A wide variety of tools enable you to emulate a WAN circuit. Which one is best for you depends upon your experience with network engineering (and, generally, Linux) along with whether you think you'll need tech support. In no particular order, here are a few of the tools I've used, but many others are out there. Don't be afraid to try them, too.

The Linux kernel

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