BlackBerry rewards loyal developers with shiny, red limited-edition Z10s

12,000 devices are available to developers who built worthwhile apps on Dev Alpha devices

Application developers who boarded the BlackBerry 10 bandwagon early on will earn a snazzy reward for their devotion: a shiny, red limited-edition BlackBerry Z10 device.

The company announced via its Developer Blog Tuesday that devs who have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device and who submit a qualifying application by Feb. 28 can trade in their alpha unit for one of 12,000 cherry-red Z10s. Notably, the original submission deadline was Jan. 21, and the company didn't specify why the date had been extended. For BlackBerry's sake, one hopes it's not for a shortage of quality apps in the BlackBerry World store.

There are a few provisos and a couple of quid pro quo to BlackBerry's Alpha Device Trade-Up Offer. First, as noted, you have to have received an alpha device -- and you must send it back to BlackBerry.

Second, your submitted application has to be of sufficient (and subjective) quality to "be of reasonable demand on the BlackBerry World storefront," and it can't include Web launchers, Web browsers, or single-function apps -- say, apps that emulate the sounds of flatulence or display images of cats who looks like famous dictators.

Also off the table: Applications that already exist for the BlackBerry PlayBook and haven't undergone any updates, apps built using the BlackBerry App Generator, and presumably apps ported from Android to BlackBerry using the BlackBerry-provided packaging tool.

Details about the trade-up are available at BlackBerry's website.

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