Acer takes on Apple with Retina-class laptop displays

Acer plans on putting high-resolution 'Retina-class' LCD panels on laptops, including at least one Ultrabook, starting this spring

Apple caught the PC industry off-guard in June when the company delivered the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The four-megapixel LCD renders text and graphics with extreme clarity, and most who saw the display came away impressed.

But Apple may not be the only kid on the high-pixe-density block for much longer. Acer plans to include Retina-class displays in several laptop models, including at least one Ultrabook, by late spring.

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I took a look at a prototype Acer laptop with the 2,880-by-1,620-pixel IPS display. Text and graphics looked gorgeous, though Windows users will almost certainly need to scale up text magnification for readability. (Apple's Retina doesn't need such scaling, as it increases the density of pixels for smoother display by adding subpixels, not simply add more pixels and essentially shrink everything on teh screen to fit those extra pixels.)

Acer didn't say which laptop models would offer the high-res display, but the company did indicate that the higher-resolution panels would be available on several different systems as a high-end option.

Laptops aren't the only place Acer is looking to increase screen resolution, though. Acer also makes PC displays, and its 23-inch and 27-inch Windows multitouch displays have been flying off store shelves. According to the company, demand has been so high that Acer had to raise the price to better manage limited inventory. Acer noted that it was looking to bring non-touch ultra-high-resolution LCD monitors to the market later in 2013.

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