APPLE prepares to underwhelm -- WINDOWS 8.1 gets a do-over -- MS tries SURFACE again -- POGUE jumps to Yahoo -- FOX NEWS fakes it


October 22, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> HAPPENING TODAY: In case you don't realize how fast Apple's iPad business has gone down the tubes, by Henry Blodget: "On October 22nd, Apple is finally launching new iPads. This launch can't come soon enough... despite the launch of a cheaper iPad last year -- the iPad Mini -- the growth of Apple's iPad sales has hit a wall." Business Insider

>>>> Why you're still going to buy Apple's ho-hum iPad upgrade ReadWrite

>>>> iPad 2 remains Apple's most popular tablet, iPhone 5c demand growing Apple Insider >> ME TOO: Nokia launches tablet, joins large-screen smartphone race, by Matt Smith: "Nokia unveiled its first tablet and two large-screen smartphones... at the annual Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday. The Lumia 2520 tablet, along with its Lumia 1520 and 1620 phablets, are among the last products the Finnish company developed to compete with Apple and Samsung before deciding to sell its handset business to Microsoft. The new Lumias use Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system and will face tough competition from large-screen smartphones from Samsung and Apple, which is also expected to unveil slimmer, faster iPads on Tuesday." Reuters

>>>> Nokia unveils 10.1-inch Lumia 2520, a $499 Windows RT 8.1 tablet coming this fall with LTE and a $150 Power Keyboard TNW

>>>> With a 6-inch display, Nokia's new Lumia 1520 is now the largest Windows Phone $749 list GeekWire

>>>> Nokia updates low-end Asha line with clear cases -- and for the first time, 3G $69, $89, and up VentureBeat

>>>> Nokia Lumia sales reportedly hit record-high numbers last quarter The Verge >> ORANGE IS THE NEW GREEN: Netflix tops 40 million customers total, more paid US subscribers than HBO, by Richard Lawler: "New original series Orange is the New Black has been a hit and while Netflix still isn't releasing viewing numbers, it says the show will end the year 'as our most watched original series ever.' Yes, bigger than House of Cards." Engadget

>>>> Netflix soars as Hastings seeks to damp 'Euphoria' Bloomberg

>> MICROSOFT MISCHIEF: Microsoft grabbing mobile content to make Windows Phone 'WebApps', by John Callahan: "Just one week ago, Microsoft's Windows Phone head Joe Belfiore said in an interview that the company's mobile OS still lacks a number of major apps in its ecosystem. Now there's word that the company is taking a rather proactive move to add apps to the Windows Phone Store by lifting content from a number of popular mobile web sites and turning them into 'WebApps'." Neowin

>>>> Flipboard coming to Windows Phone 8 and Lumia 2520 tablet Engadget

>>>> Instagram coming to Windows Phone in 'coming weeks' VentureBeat

>>>> Maxthon Cloud Browser comes to Windows Phone PCWorld

>> CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: They're here! Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and new accessories now on sale, by Steve Clarke: "Knowledgeable staff are on hand at all Microsoft retail store locations to answer questions and help with Surface setup, so customers have a great out-of-box experience and walk out the door with a product personalized for them." Microsoft Blog

>>>> Problems with Windows/RT 8.1 update continue InfoWorld

>>>> Why does Windows have terrible battery life? Coding Horror

>> CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS: Apple's iCloud cracked: Lack of two-factor authentication allows remote data download, by Violet Blue: "Notorious Russian hacker Vladimir Katalov released findings showing Apple's iCloud vulnerable to unauthorized download access, with iCloud data stored on Microsoft and Amazon servers." ZDNet

>> FORENSICS 101: 6 IT outsourcing lessons learned from's troubled launch, by By Stephanie Overby: "The troubled launch of the U.S. federal government's healthcare information exchange is a high-profile example of outsourced IT gone wrong. The $400 million project, which was supposed to be a one-stop online shop for Americans seeking health insurance, made headlines for its bugs and glitches...deadline after deadline was missed on the multi-contractor project for a variety of reasons -- from government agencies slow to issue their specifications to last minute changes to the's primary features." CIO

>>>> Release to the open source community the source code to We the People
>>>> Obama on glitches: 'nobody's madder than me' GigaOM

>> TINY SILVER LINING: BlackBerry announces 5 million downloads of BBM for iOS and Android only 8 hours after release, by Mike Beasley: "The app is also now the #1 free app on the iTunes App Store. That number could actually be much higher, as the 5 million applies only to the number of users whose accounts have been activated for use." 9to5Mac
>>>> BBM for Android, BlackBerry's last gasp at relevance CITEWorld

>> DEPARTURE LOUNGE: With David Pogue hire, Yahoo joins journalism investment boom, by Ryan Tate: "Pogue says he's leaving the New York Times after 13 years as the paper's highly visible tech reviewer to lead the forthcoming Yahoo site, where he'll contribute videos and blog posts. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer called the venture 'a major expansion of consumer tech coverage on Yahoo.'" Wired
>>>> Goodbye -- and hello A Note from Pogue

>> Google acquires Android performance startup FlexyCore for a reported $23 million TechCrunch

>> Windows RT 8.1 update again available for download Softpedia

>> Yahoo is ordered to start using Microsoft Search in Hong Kong and Taiwan TechCrunch

>> Top websites secretly track your device fingerprint IEEE Spectrum

>> LG hints at pending Chrome OS devices with trademark filings TechHive

>> SAP's shift to cloud may just be paying off GigaOM

>> Bitcoin has gone on an insane surge Business Insider

>> Unaccredited investors may finally get the go-ahead to fund startups this week AllThingsD

>> Video discovery service Telly (formerly TwitVid) raises $3.4M VentureBeat

>> Sqrrl snags $5.2M to commercialize the NSA's Accumulo database GigaOM

>> CryptoSeal VPN shuts down rather than risk NSA demands for crypto keys Ars Technica

>> Has Big Tech got too big for its boots? Dan Gillmor/The Guardian

>> The world wants to break up with America's internet Motherboard

>> How Knight Capital's buggy software made it lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes Python Sweetness

>> Dear Startups: Stop asking me math puzzles to figure out if I can code Today Emma Learned

>> More woe for Amazon in Germany as antitrust watchdog investigates its 3rd party pricing practices TechCrunch

>> Fox News reportedly used fake commenter accounts to rebut critical blog posts Media Matters

>> The End of Files -- the biggest revolution in computer usability since the GUI? Brett Geoghegan/Blue Sheep Thinking

>> TWEET O' THE DAY:  Thank god I have the newest, fastest iPhone so I can mindlessly check the same three apps 500 times a day. @KevinFarzad

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