Really? Java developers love writing non-Java

What language do Java developers love to write in? The results of a survey of 100 Java developers may surprise you

I asked -- and the people responded! Fun fact No. 1: Apparently only 28 percent of Java developers write Java full time.

My survey may not be a truly scientific poll, but I was able to grab a good sampling of folks in the Java group on Google+ along with people in my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook networks. Many of those folks in turn retweeted and reposted, so I actually know a only few of the people who responded. Throwing out duplicates and errors didn’t significantly affect the results.

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How do these responses track with your experiences? I'd love to know.

Are you still doing exclusively Java?

  Respondents Percentage
Yes, only Java 27 27%
No, mix of Java and other things 72 73%

What other JVM languages are you using?

  Respondents Percentage
Groovy 38 32%
Scala 24 21%
JavaScript (Rhino/Nashorn) 21 18%
JRuby 9 8%
Jython 7 6%
PHP (Quercus, etc.) 6 5%
Clojure 6 5%
Other 5 4%
Erjang 1 1%
OCaml 0 0%

What surprised me is that at 33 percent, Groovy was the top JVM language. I had expected Scala, which came in second at 20 percent, to rule the roost. Note: The numbers don't add up to 100 percent because developers could and did pick multiple languages.

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