APPLE's season -- NOKIA unveils phablets, tablets -- Maria in the Sky with SQL -- HTC needs THC -- 1,493rd Apple TV rumor


October 23, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK: Apple unveils slew of new iPads, MacBooks, Mac Pro, and apps, by Dan Miller: "...a brand new iPad model (the iPad Air), and added a Retina screen and an A7 processor to the iPad mini. It announced an updated line of Retina MacBook Pros while also naming December as the shipping month for its new Mac Pro (the black cylinder that looks like it belongs on Darth Vader's desktop). It showed off updated iLife and iWork suites for the Mac, iOS, and And it announced that the latest version of OS X--Mavericks--would be available immediately after the event, and for free." [We count more than 200 articles in the tech press about the announcements. Here are the best.] Macworld

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>> MEANWHILE, ON MARS: Nokia World reveals phablets and tablets in Abu Dhabi, by Leo Kelion: "Nokia has unveiled its first phablets -- extra-large phones -- as well as its first tablet computer. The Windows Phone handsets introduce the ability to change which objects in a photo are in focus after it is taken.... Nokia World in Abu Dhabi is likely to be remembered as the Finnish firm's last major event before it completes the sale of its hardware unit.... Microsoft's Stephen Elop: 'Our challenge is to get more and more people to try those devices and spread the word amongst their friends.'" BBC

>> BUGGY WHIP: While world drools over Apple, Microsoft fixes Windows RT 8.1 update, by Neil McAllister: "Won't put your Surface RT into a boot loop this time, honest... and, of course, Microsoft apologizes for any inconvenience this little mess may have caused -- even if it doesn't think it was really that big of a deal." The Register

>> CIRCLING THE DRAIN: HTC scales back production lines as cash flow worsens, by Clare Jim: "Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp has halted at least one of its four main manufacturing lines, accounting for at least a fifth of total capacity, and is outsourcing production as a sales slump puts pressure on its cash flow." Reuters

>> CLOUD COVER: SkySQL raises $20M to support open-source relational database MariaDB, by Alex Williams: "Until late this year, MariaDB had primarily been an engineering project but this year it emerged as a foundation SQL technology for Wikipedia and major Linux distributions such as Fedora and OpenSuse, said SkySQL CEO Patrik Sallner. The round validates SkySQL's approach to make MariaDB, the fastest-growing open-source database and considered the premiere alternative to MySQL." TechCrunch

>> WAITING FOR GODOT'S TV: Apple preparing 65-inch TV for release in 2014, analyst says, by Mariko Yasu: Apple "is deciding on specifications, and the models likely will have a frameless design, Masahiko Ishino, an analyst at Advanced Research who tracks developments in the consumer-electronics industry." Bloomberg

>> INTERNET OF THINGS: Starbucks links coffee makers to Web, fueling $27B market, by Olga Kharif: "Starbucks said it plans to double the number of its Clover coffee-brewing machines, which connect to the cloud and track customer preferences, allow recipes to be digitally updated and help staffers remotely monitor a coffee maker's performance. Also in the works: connected fridges that indicate when a carton of milk has spoiled." Bloomberg

>> LEXTINCTION: Microsoft drops 'RT' moniker from original Surface, hides desktop mode on new RT tablets, by Tom Warren: "Microsoft is altering its Surface RT name to just Surface today.... Microsoft is also removing the default desktop tile in Windows RT 8.1. New Windows RT devices will default to a Start Screen that does not contain the desktop tile, making it less easy to switch into the traditional desktop mode in Windows RT 8.1. Surface 2 includes this change, as does Nokia's new Lumia 2520 tablet." The Verge

>> UNPLANNED OBSOLESENCE: The decline of Wikipedia, by Tom Simonite: "The main source of those problems is not mysterious. The loose collective running the site today, estimated to be 90 percent male, operates a crushing bureaucracy with an often abrasive atmosphere that deters newcomers who might increase participation in Wikipedia and broaden its coverage." MIT Technology Review

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>> Bitcoin goes boom (again): currency cracks $200, gets Coinbase support on Reddit GigaOM

>> With $2.6M from SoftTech, 500 Startups and more, BetterDoctor wants to take the pain out of finding the best local care TechCrunch

>> Outbrain gets $35M investment -- no IPO after all GigaOM

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>> Network Solutions reports more DNS problems InfoWorld

>> Nokia Refocus turns your Lumia into a Lytro-like camera The Verge

>> BT moves HR into the cloud with Oracle for 88,000 staff Computerworld UK

>> MicroStrategy revamps software for bigger data sets, faster visuals PCWorld

>> Firefox community roiled by Java crackdown NetworkWorld

>> Windows Server Essentials Media Pack [By downloading and installing this pack, you will be able to restore the media streaming functionality in Windows Server 2012 R2] Microsoft Download Center

>> Microsoft keeps building its hybrid cloud with Windows Azure updates GigaOM

>> Call yourself a hacker, lose your 4th Amendment rights Digital Bond

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>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "I don't like the class division on planes, it's a microcosm of… Free upgrade? Why yes please! S'long peasants! *prances to business class*" @jaffathecake

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